Ready to roll? 🎶
Step #1: Listening

Take us on a tour of your needs/wants. (Online, offline.. what line?)

We start listening via a quick questionnaire called the krisp ideas safari. Its only job is to help us learn more about your business.

After you complete the questionnaire, we’ll begin our research. To ensure that ‘we get you,’ we’ll follow up with an email or two, a phone call/text or two, or even an in-person meeting or two.

The krisp ideas safari is 2,450 + tax (CAD).  While this investment is non-refundable, its full value can be applied towards future krisp projects — please see step #3 for details.

Step #2: The game plan

Five business days after we complete the listening and research stage, you’ll get your krisp Brand Boost Toolkitsm. This stand-alone roadmap gives you both high-level strategy (the why) and actionable steps to get there (the how).

The krisp Brand Boost Toolkitsm is typically delivered to you in person by our agency’s partners, or via email in PDF format coupled with a video chat of some kind.

Step #3: Execution

You can hire someone else to do the work, or you can hire us.

If you do hire us within 30 days following the completion of your krisp ideas safari, the full value of the krisp ideas safari will be credited towards our working relationship.