Our core values


.. we had it our way, you and our agency’s partners would first meet for a coffee date. You’d get to know one another; you’d talk about pets, coffee, biz challenges & opportunities, etc.

Nowadays, though, reading is often the next best thing to us being able to learn about one another directly. (Don’t act surprised: the dominant activity in today’s digitally powered world is reading.)

So, let us share a few things about krisp. Specifically, let us tell you about a few things we believe in:

We believe that your time is valuable.

We believe that doing the right thing is always the right thing to do.

We believe in simplicity, in big part because simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability.

We believe in helping you get what you need.

We believe that we shouldn’t share something until we try it first.

We believe that you should never stop learning.

We believe in knowing what others don’t, and in doing what others won’t.

We believe that it’s OK to be proven wrong.

We believe in saying sorry when we mess up.

We believe that it’s OK to change your mind.

We believe in making decisions and owning up to the results.

We believe in saying please and thank you.

We believe that Drake should smile more. And so should you: have at least one good laugh every day.

We believe that success and failure are temporary conditions.

We believe that we can help good businesses grow and succeed, and even change the world.

We believe that once a client = always a friend. 😊