mental tic tacs

Do you have one of these?

“Every e-mail I send is a complete representation of who I am as a professional and, more broadly, who I am as a human being.” —Tom Peters, business writer & speaker

Surprised to hear that an accomplished businessperson like Tom Peters treats every email with such great care? Should you be?

As you know, for most people, email is the most efficient way to get many important things done. This is why biz opportunities land in email inboxes. Every day.

So, the question is not whether email is important and whether it should be treated with great care, is it? The question is: How do you write emails that win more customers/clients?

Here’s one idea: Because all good relationships are like one long conversation, think of every email as part of one long conversation.

Do that, and don’t be surprised to see more business come your way. You see, conversations are marketplaces. Just look around your office or home. Chances are that you bought many things you see because you either discovered them or had them recommended to you during a conversation, no?

p.s. Do you have an email code of conduct? And if you’re in biz, does your brand have one?