Is the We See Mompreneurs Fund for you?

You’ve heard of VC funds, right?

They usually provide monetary support to startup brands and small businesses that are believed to have growth potential. In return for their investment, VC funds get a portion of the business/brand.

Less known about VC funds is that the support they provide does not always take a monetary form. Instead, it can be support in the form of technical, consultative, or marketing support. And that’s what our We See Mompreneurs Fund provides: technical, consultative, and marketing support.

2 differences between VC funds & the We See Mompreneurs Fund

– We don’t seek equity in your business/brand.
– It’s for mompreneurs only, and for ANY stage in their journey. (You don’t have to be a startup or small business to get our donation.)

Our one-time, no-strings-attached donation includes

– A check-up of your online presence and advertising activities.
– A check-up of your email marketing.

“How do these check-ups actually work?”, you may be thinking.

You tell us which of your brand assets or advertising channels may not be working as hard as they could be. For example, maybe you’re not thrilled about your follow-up emails, or Facebook ads, or your ‘thank you’ department.

Then, in a week or so, we come back to give you some actionable insights and/or ready-to-use assets (e.g. new email scripts, branding images, a digital ad, etc.).

Our check-ups are warm, friendly, and driven by a single question: “How can we tidy up what you already have and make the customer experience more enjoyable?”

How to get our one-time donation

Step #1: Read our selection process. ⬇️

  • Are you a mompreneur whose hours are often moving at a breakneck pace, in big part because you’re running or building a business/brand?
  • Between putting out fires, sending emails, responding to texts, etc., do you often feel like there’s no time to proactively promote your business/brand?
  • Are you awesomely helping clients (or customers) during a transaction, but struggling with nurturing the relationship via post-sale emails?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, please proceed to Step #2.

Step #2: Our selection process.

– Apply via the form below.
– Shortlisted candidates connect with our agency’s partners within a week.
– The candidates who are awarded our one-time donation will receive it within 2 weeks or so.

Because the ‘We See Mompreneurs Fund’ is 100% fuelled by donated hours from our crew, every month we take a vote on which projects will get our donation right away and which projects will be placed on our waiting list.

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