“Will krisp ideas & deliverables work for me?”

The best answer: The truth needs to be experienced.

The second best answer: The truth can be intuitively perceived by learning from the experiences of folks like you.

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Our business was a bystander in the marketplace not long ago, yet krisp somehow already knew what we truly wanted to become. They first helped us see that our dreams were valid. Then, they helped us articulate a brand identity and a story that would be both appealing to and valued by our customers. Our sales are now proof of the fact that we’ve succeeded in achieving those goals.

The krisp crew has repeatedly been there to help us catch new winds for our sails, and we’re now even more optimistic about the direction in which the Pureffect brand is moving.

Even when a question like “what could they do better?” pops up, that conversation kind of turns into another rave itself, because everything always runs so smoothly with krisp. Communication is great on all levels: they are always open to improvement, and whenever something does come up it is addressed immediately.

Love you guys, and we really do appreciate all of the extra effort that happens behind the scenes.

Ryan Chorneyko, founder of the Pureffect brand

mint mortgage

krisp is quite simply incredible.

From the very first contact they’ve been attentive, engaging, and committed to working together to help us reach our goals. They continue to deliver fresh, new concepts, and take the time to make sure that they are implemented properly.

They challenge us to expand our thinking and to see things as our clients see them, giving us encouragement and training along the way. They lead by example and are fast, efficient, and absolutely delightful to deal with.

Working with them can hardly be considered work in the traditional sense of the word. Our only regret is that we didn’t find them sooner. If you’re reading this, get in touch with them. I dare you. 🙂

Unless you really don’t want a reason to smile… then just go back to whatever it was you were doing before and we’ll keep them all to ourselves.

Sarah Sloane
founder of mint mortgage

When I tell people about krisp, I normally refer to them as “creative masterminds” – I don’t use this term lightly – they actually are.

They understand what it means to connect to people.

They sometimes answer your question with a question, which makes your wheels turn in a way that unveils ideas that you had never considered but were right in front of you.

Jordan Boesch, co-founder

“Jenan (krisp’s resident idea alchemist) has worked as an external advisor for the development and userbility testing of – the world’s highest selling collection of stock images.

Jenan has displayed excellent taste, is exceptionally skilled at putting together good feedback, and poses a very up-to-date and in-depth knowledge about what it takes to built an IT project today. I would recommend him any day and am in fact already doing that.“

–Yuri Arcurs, founder of

Prairieland Rental & Sales

We’re very happy with the quality of work and fresh leads that the krisp crew has delivered to-date.

We also love the ideas they gave us for how to grow our brand. They’re both fresh and outside of what we thought. And, just as importantly, the krisp crew is very friendly and easy to work with.

Jeremy Andrews, President of Prairieland Rental & Sales, an Authorized HILTI & Husqvarna Dealer


I have been impressed since the first time I met the krisp agency’s partners. We started mid-August (2015) with a very detailed attack plan which included Facebook and YouTube ads. With any advertising, most people will tell you that it takes time to get your message across and see results. Not this time. We saw growth our first month during a month that, for the last 13 years, has constantly been a decrease month.

We are only 2.5 months in now, yet our Facebook page has already grown from 100 likes to over 1400 likes. (Mar 2021 update: Cashopolis Regina has almost 9000 likes, and Cashopolis Saskatoon over 10,000 likes.)

The increase in traffic and new customers in-store is greater than we ever would have expected. Every meeting I have with krisp, and it’s usually in person, leaves me more impressed and enlightened.

I constantly find myself appreciating the partnership I have with krisp. I’m grateful our paths crossed, and if you haven’t had the pleasure of even meeting with them you are missing out. Their knowledge and support is unmatched by any other firm I have dealt with in over 15 years.

Call them now. If nothing else, it will change your perspective on what you should expect from your current way of advertising.

Ryan Chorneyko
founder of Cashopolis

Munro Homes

The quality of krisp’s work is really good!

We’re equally happy with the quality of ideas they give us.

But it’s not just the ideas. Since we started working with krisp, we are seeing more leads.

The krisp crew is very professional, always prompt with replies, and their answers are always well thought-out.

Colin Chorneyko
President of Munro Homes


krisp has completely changed my business. I truly believe they are the best of the best.

They are able to intertwine an amazing understanding of marketing with the fast-paced tech world, and the results are so simple but incredibly effective.

Business and confidence in my brand has grown leaps and bounds.
—Kayla McQueen, founder of nestQuest

The Refresh Crew

The Refresh Crew has been proudly serving Regina and the surrounding area for over 5 years.

We started a small campaign with krisp to revive our Facebook page about a year back now. We were so impressed with their dedication and the targeted approach they used that we expanded the use of their expertise.

We have seen more change in the last year because of krisp than in all other years combined.

The changes we’ve rolled out with krisp so far were both positive and instant. For example, thanks to krisp, we now have the easiest online booking in the industry.

Today, people are happy to book ALL of their important appointments online. Naturally, we wanted to be there for our clients. So we tried empowering them via our old website. But, the truth is, we simply could not find a partner who’d help us make our brand meaningfully digital.

At Refresh, we’re different. We don’t use chemicals, we’re service-obsessed, and we’re always looking for ways to offer more value (e.g. we’re the only provider to offer a Carpet Vitality Checkup in Western Canada).

The krisp crew helped us find a way to communicate all of that in a simple and meaningful way.

Thank you, krisp,
The Refresh Crew

Kehoe RV

At Kehoe RV, we’ve been successfully serving our customers for almost 50 years. The last few years, however, have brought on more change in the RV business than the past 50 years combined. The customer has changed. People simply shop differently; the bulk of the meet-and-greet and fact-finding is now done online, and there are now more young people buying RVs than ever before.

When we felt ready to take our brand to the next level, we started looking for a partner with fresh ideas about how to do that.

What we liked about the krisp crew was that they did not come in and try to add to what we had. Instead, they came in asking, “How can we tidy up what you have and make the customer experience more enjoyable?

The response from the public and our staff re: the changes we’ve implemented with krisp were all around positive and practically instant. For example, our fan base on Facebook has doubled, along with the amount of engagement we get on a daily basis.

The old-school RV purchasing experience, which is, sadly, still around, leaves people feeling tired. At Kehoe, we’re different. The krisp crew helped us find a way to communicate that in a simple and effective way.

Thank you, krisp,
Darryl & Kyle Kehoe
Owners of Kehoe RV

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