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What to do when ‘read later’ turns into ‘read never’

Do you ever ‘file’ stories, info, you-name-it into a ‘read later’ section?

Probably. Because you’re busy.

The problem is that ‘read later’ often turns into ‘read never,’ right?

So, how do you minimize that problem for the stories you want to share?

Here’s one idea: turn some of your stories into mp3 files.

Because folks will often listen to things they wouldn’t read.

If you wish to share your mp3s on one of the platforms for podcasts, go right ahead. But even having them on your website will likely extend the reach of your stories.


Before you start turning your stories into mp3s, two friendly reminders:

1. Don’t worry about the length of your mp3s. Even Malcolm Gladwell says that one of the reasons why he loves making podcasts is because there’s no expectation as to what a podcast should look like.

2. Don’t worry too much about who is going to ‘voice’ your mp3s.

Because neither of those two things are the main ingredient of what makes a good listen. Having/writing a decent script for each mp3 is.

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