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"What stops more real buyers from buying from you?"

The above question kickstarted a recent krisp idea safari for Munro Homes. Its aim was to discover the reasons which may be stopping real buyers from seriously considering building a new home with a custom home builder like Munro Homes.

The result: A simple, approachable, and highly differentiated intro to building a custom home the relaxed way.

Over to you: Do you really know what stops more real buyers from buying from you?

It’s likely not what you think.

It’s tempting to think that the obstacles to purchase are Big and Powerful, just like the heroes found in Marvel comic books.

It’s also tempting to get it in your head that, deep down, people hate to part with their money, and that you’ve got to put on a big dog and pony show to part them from their cash.

Yet, usually, the concerns of real buyers are fairly minor. Think about it: there are many minor unknowns around [put the name of your product/service here]. Especially for new/first time real buyers — they don’t know what the heck they’re doing.

// Btw, by ‘real buyers,’ we don’t mean the folks who are tire-kickers. They tend to love the dog and pony show, put up a big fuss, and make it seem like they’ve got big concerns, but it’s just baloney. They’re usually not seriously interested, hence the name tire-kickers. //

The main thing to remember is this: for the real buyers in any line of work, issues are almost always small in number and scope, practical in nature, and usually unpredictable.

Listen, you can’t predict every question or concern.

But there’s one huge thing you can do: you can invest into designing an approachable welcome mat that’s conducive to making potential buyers feel comfortable asking questions.