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“How can we serve our customers better?”

That was one of the top questions the mint ventures crew asked us during a recent brainstorming sprint.

“Here’s one idea,” we said. “Today, web self-service is the preferred channel for customers sourcing information before making a purchase.

Let’s help your customers help themselves by building a self-service, customer-facing knowledge base.

Because it will live in the cloud, it will always be available. Your customers will be able to get the right information at the right time. That ought to help you serve your customers better and improve customer satisfaction.”

“Let’s do it,” said the mint ventures crew.

The result: friendlii.ca.

Takeaway: The Internet is not a utopia.

It’s not magical.

It’s simply an engine of convenience.

Those who can tune that engine well — who solve basic human problems with greater speed and simplicity than those who came before — will profit. Immensely.