The challenge: To perk-up & future-proof the Munro Homes brand.

Forward-thinking, customer-centric brands understand that people prefer to deal with professionals who can effectively and vividly demonstrate the value they provide. And not by a small margin.


Should you be? Because folks think with their eyes and hear what they see.

The above is just part of the reason why a Regina-based custom home builder, Munro Homes, recently decided to perk-up its branding assets. This is what all successful brands do: they evolve over time, just like successful people do. Because a brand’s story is never completely finished. It must continually seek to invent the next chapter without forgetting where it came from.

The project was awarded to krisp advertising agency. The short list of objectives which krisp was expected to accomplish by revitalizing the Munro Homes brand included:

  • discovering new ways to showcase the incredible value which the Munro Homes brand offers to its clients;
  • demonstrating that Munro Homes’ ideas and thinking are in sync with modern trends, tastes, and interests;
  • visibly differentiating the Munro Homes brand, both online and offline.

The solution: Send the brand to krisp’s break-the-mould idea spa.

One of krisp’s aims was to highlight the obvious: the substance, thought, and style behind every move that the Munro Homes crew makes.

How did krisp do that? Let’s just say this: during the research stage, which is a fundamental building block of each project krisp takes on, krisp discovered a somewhat neglected truth in the Munro Homes brand and gave it a big hug. 🤗

The work: How much time do you have? 😊

In short: branding campaigns across a cluster of digital platforms, a new website, ongoing Facebook page management, photography, POS signage, production of the Munro Homes brand core story video, etc.

The result:

“The quality of krisp’s work is really good!

We’re equally happy with the quality of ideas they give us.

But it’s not just the ideas. Since we started working with krisp, we are seeing more leads.

The krisp crew is very professional, always prompt with replies, and their answers are always well thought-out.”

Colin Chorneyko
President of Munro Homes